Pax Americana, the EU, and the Tamil Resistance Movement (TRM)

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1. Introduction

The European Union (EU) has banned the Tamil Resistance Movement (TRM) from Europe as a terrorist movement on May 29 2006.1 The TRM includes the LTTE,   organisations and individuals being supportive of the LTTE. In Tamil, the term iyakkam, ‘the movement’, is commonly used. The ban was preceded by a joint motion on May 17 2006.2 They are made object of a political comment in the following text. In this paper I shall take up the following themes:

2. The EU and pax americana

3. The Consequences of the Ban

4. Failures of European Politicians and Diplomats

5. Flexibility of the TRM

6. TRM Delegations in Europe

7. The Norwegian Contribution

8. Conclusion3