The International Seminar on The Ethnic Conflict in Sri lanka

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Message from the Chairman I am so happy and privileged to send this message on behalf of the committee of management of the Global Peace Support Group. Global Peace Support Group is a registered charitable organisation. It’s aim are to act as a non-sectarian and non-political organisation to p romote awareness through discussions and dialogues, corroborating with human rights institutions and other similar organisations to address the conflict that besets different parts of the world.

Our members are mostly affiliated to various charitable o rganisations. We have been involved, as part of similar organisations in their activities so far and this is the first time that we have under taken this task with the conflict that prevails so long time in the island of Sri Lanka.

The subject we have chosen for this year of 2008 seminar, is the unabating 30 or so years old conflict in this Island where to date more than 70,000 civilians have perished and in the verge of increasing the destructions in terms of human life and materials and thus the priority.

Therefore, this seminar is designed to organise to hear the voice and mobilise the opinions of independent international jurists, statemen and religious leaders with a view of finding an acceptable, permanent solution to this human suffering of , in particular the Tamil speaking people of this Island.

It is our fervent hope that at the end of this two-day seminar, the world opinion will sufficiently be mobilised so as to bring about the desired actions and results, in order to bring an acceptable solution in line with democratic principle/universally accepted norms which allow these long suffering people to look after their own interest.

I hope world’s order would live up to its obligations and to pave the way for a suitable solution.


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